VITAM-R - Hefeextrakt

Organic Sandwich-Spreads

VITAM produces a full range of sandwich spreads from organically grown ingredients. With their clear and intensive
tastes these spreads offer a healthy, low-fat alternative to comparable products or cholesteremic cheese and sausages.

Vegetable-Spreads vary from Basil, Tomatoes, Kidney Beans, Pepper-Cashew, Red-Lentils and much more...

The Misos are traditionally manufactured from fermented oats only and do not contain soja (no allergies, no gmo).

Sunseed-Spreads are often associated with vegan cream-cheese. They provide the consumer with a healthy mixture of secondary-plant-substances, which support the immune-system, work as anti-oxidants and lower the cholesterol-level. This functional-food comes as: Bear-Paw-Garlic (allium ursinum), Swiss-Schabziger-Clover (trigonella careulà) and Black-Olive.