VITAM Salat Mayo

Organic Seasonings

All VITAM Seasonings come in organic quality and are used for seasoning during preparation of foods or for individual refining at the table. As they are well know to the consumer from the supermarket shelf, they nearly sell themselves without further explanation:

The vegan Salad-Mayonnaise, Aioli and Sauce à la Remoulade (Tartar Sauce) taste excellent with sandwiches, crisp salads or potatoe snacks, yet they can do without any eggs or cholesterol.

The organic Instant Sauces are convenient to handle and can be used for many purposes. Sauce à la Hollandaise is even suitable for gratins.

The Brown Sauce (Gravy-Style) is a quick completion for vegetarian Burgers, roasts and patties it is free from lactalbumin, lactose and gluten.