VITAM - Gemüse-Hefebrühe
VITAM - Steinpilz Hefebrühe

Soups & Bouillons

VITAM Vegetable-Yeastbroth and Wild-Mushroom-Yeastbroth are the "winners in many food tests". The delicious broths with organic vegetables are cholesterol-free, low in calories and specifically valuable for the human nutrition.

VITAM Yeastbroths are also available as:

AVITAM low sodium Vegetable-Bouillon (for sodium restricted diets).

Mediterranean Recipe with native oliveoil and sunspoiled herbs for the typical aroma of the mediterranean kitchen.

Just-like-Chicken in a purely vegan variant of this delicious stock.

Based on the excellent taste of VITAM-R Yeast Extract these bouillons are easy to use and have such a fine taste, that they are not only good for seasoning other dishes, but can also be savoured just on their own - in the office, outdoors or while dieting (also available organic).